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Does anybody have an ADD child?

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    ozmaofoz is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2003
    Houston, Tx

    Kind of OT, but might be helpful

    I had pretty severe ADHD as a child - basically had to sit at a special desk next to the teacher and was just allowed to do what I liked (mostly reading novels.....). They didn't have ritalin at the time and the most popular treatment was mild ECT (eeeek). My Mom opted to take me to a holistic MD who prescribed a wacky diet of

    - no wheat
    - no sugar (including fruit sugars) - could have high fiber fruit in moderation
    - no dairy

    I was on a strict form of the diet from age 11 to 14, then just ate those things in moderation. It made a HUGE difference in my mental and emotional state. I graduated third in my class (small class, but still much better than before the diet).

    Have you considered a change in your son's diet? They've also done recent studies that show that LCP supplements can really help ADHD kids.

    This looks like an interesting book

    The Feingold diet (eliminates preservative and artificial colors from the diet, and has some popularity in the States

    I can't help you with the school system, but I do know the pain of being behind and having teachers irritated with you/administrators just acting like they want you to leave.

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    mum 3 is offline Registered User
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    Hi There,

    I also have an ADHD son who attends the Australian International school Hong Kong they have very good recources if you can get your child in. Alternativley there is a new Australian Learning centre in North point that runs various programs and they advertise as catering for special needs. When I rang them about getting my child into a reading program they were able to offer one on one tuition at quite reasonable rates. The head teacher has had a lot of experience with ADHD and is primary qualified. Their website is

    Hope this helps.

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    nykki is offline Registered User
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    New Territories

    diet may help


    My brother was pretty severe ADHD up to about the age of 11 when my Mum took him to a naturopath who put him on a very strict diet and exercise regime, very similar to what's been described by Ozmaofoz. Within 6 months he was nearly at the top of his class and became totally addicted to swimming (good for getting rid of loads of excess energy!) He's 20 now and about to graduate from the uni of Georgia, and he just competed in his 2nd Olympic Games as a swimmer.

    It's worth a try if you haven't gone down that road before.

    Best of luck!

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    emilyc is offline Registered User
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    May 2004
    happy valley, hong kong

    Apparently, ADHD can be neurological and can be cured. Pls visit or The Family Hope Centre website. They have cured many ADHD children and even brain injured children.

    Hope this helps.

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