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Any comment on Kiangsu & Chekiang Kindergarten - International Section?

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    Any comment on Kiangsu & Chekiang Kindergarten - International Section?

    As mentioned

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    Justinmy my baby half brother (not baby, but you know wat i mean!!) went to kiang su (or sumthing like that) from kindergarten till year 2, it gave him a solid mandarin background and we speak (or spoke..they're starting to integrate canto into everyday life) english at home so they were truly billingual.. and we had to speak to the grandmonsters (i love my granpa, it's just my nan!! she's horrid!! we thought she was a witch... but ya, we had to communicate with them in either english or mandarin (in my stepmom's case hokkean)
    although, some may say kiangsu adopts a reli tough system.. it's arguable, of course...

    similar to kiangsu is: Rosaryhill School's Kindergarden section....
    It's a really good environment for kids to learn in. The school campus is really big and have nice scenery. They're used to kids of different cultural backgrounds and believe in being multi-lingual (i think it's currently english and mandarin/ cantonese). They run an excellent school bus service (and own 23 school buses, parked in the carkpark)
    I liked the campus, so did my half brother and sisters..
    PS: hope u don't mind this is edited from my other comment if i'm accused by crossposters that i'm crossposting.. rosaryhill kindergarten

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