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Dr Clement Chan

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    I visited Dr Clement Chan once during my pregnancy because a lot of friends recommended him, but I never went back for a second visit. He wanted me to opt for C-section, even at v early pregnancy stage, saying C-section is much safer than natural birth, withOUT giving me the full picture of the downsides of C-section ie C-section is actually a highly risky and serious operation and most important, many studies show there are many adverse effects on the baby.



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    Thta's what I mean, he must have something good about him that so many friends recommended and yet I only heard all the bad comments.

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    Firstly, I suspect that all the people that fills Dr. Chan's office are suckers in waiting. They are simply going to be disappointed in some way or another. It's either going to be from feeling uncomfortable as he uses his scare tactics (the low lying pacenta is a common one for him), or the bullying into getting a c-section (for no apparent medical reason) when you have communicated more than once that you prefer nature birth.

    Our "journey" with Dr. Chan has been a road filled with misguided advice and misleading information that lead to us having to change doctors at 34 weeks!

    All this time he has made us believe that he was neutral when it came to c-section vs. natural birth. When he insisted that we have a c-section, we refused, we did our research, got second opinions, and found that there was no medical reason to do so. We have nothing against c-sections, but believe that this is the choice of the parents-to-be, not the doctor's under normal circumstances. So we were shocked when we were bullied through scare tactics into making a decision to cut into our tummy. He came up with the most ridculous excuses that masked why he really wanted a c-section, which is convenience for him. As a matter of fact every decision was a matter of convenience for him, including the hospital he selected for us. The hospital wasn't our first choice, but later found that he chose it because he lives next to it. When we requested a natural birth (through second opinions and research) he refused at 34 weeks! Leaving us having to scramble to find another doctor. Do you want that for yourself?

    So, if you are considering Dr. Clemente Chan, think again. Do you want to make informed decisions for you and your baby? Or have a doctor make decisions that benefit him more than you?

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    I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. Dr. Chan tried pushing a C-section before I was even pregnant -- we were there for fertility. He told my husband -- who, like most men, don't know much about these matters -- "If you want your wife to be safe, you will book a C-section." My husband didn't realize it, but the doctor was fearmongering.
    I have nothing against C-sections, but I think parents should make their own decisions. And, clearly, it was too early to tell if a C-section was medically needed!

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