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Where to rent a Breast-pump

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    Where to rent a Breast-pump

    :breastfed Hi,

    I would like to ask where can I rent breast-pumps in Hong Kong and which ones would you recommend? Manual or Electric? Would appreciate if somebody could also let me know about the charges.

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    Congratulations Suki!

    You can rent Breast pumps from the Mid-wives - Annerley and EverDawn.

    Contact info here:

    Cost is around $150 week to 400-500/month.

    If you plan to breastfeed for at least 3 months, you might want to invest in your own. A single Medela mini-electric sells for $6X0.

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    Agree with Rani - you might want to buy your own depending on how long you intend to pump.

    As for recommendations - everyone has their own favourite. I bought a hand pump as it was recommended to me and couldn't get anything out at all. I swapped to a mini-hand held electric and found that I did have breast milk after all!

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    You can also try the Swiss(?) brand, Medela. You can rent from Meridian Hong Kong Ltd. (, tel: 2328-2662) They were recommended to us by Matilda Hospital. I bought a battery-operated one, which didn't work for me. So then I rented one of these, which they use at the hospitals. Looks like a tool box. Works really well. A bit pricey. $2000 deposit. Six months rental is $1290, or you can sign for longer or shorter periods. Works really well for me.

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    have tried the medela electric pump (the mini one) and the industrial size one, and also the AVENT ISIS (hand pump) but the AVENT is the best as I always managed to pump more with that pump. also the most comfortable. HK$300 at Eugene Group, BQ Baby (now Be Be Dream).

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    I think renting is a great idea because you can waste a lot of money buying an expensive pump before you start breastfeeding and find out what suits you best. Like some other people have said, it varies a lot on the individual which pump suits them and their breasts/lifestyle. Hand pumps are less obtrusive if you aren't pumping under time pressure.

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