Hi, Bianca,

A friend recommended a book to me called Super Baby Food and there's a chapter there about how getting your baby to self-feed is good for their development. I guess it's just a matter of practice to get it right though and in the beginning you have to put up with quite a lot of messiness.

Zanna has always been pretty good at picking up cheerios and eating pieces of bread with her hands. But I think the fact that we have her eat with us during meal times is helpful because she sees us eating and wants to copy. She still doesn't know how to scoop up food yet, so I do this for her and just pass her the utensil. She's been quite good at getting most of it into her mouth. At age 15 months, she doesn't like mushy baby food anymore but prefers actual rice and stuff that she can chew.

Maybe a good idea to have Dmitri eat with you guys and maybe initially when you're feeding him, give him another spoon or fork that he can hold on to. Just got to understand that it'll be a game to him in the beginning so he might be experimenting more than anything.


P.S. Got your email...still up for lunch and will try to contact you soon.