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Water for Baby follow-on formula

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    Water for Baby follow-on formula

    Have you guys any suggestion on what water (brand) to use for baby follow-on formula (Gain, Progress, etc.)? We used Nestle Purelife back in the Philippines, recommended by our Paediatrician for its balanced mineral content. We still intend to use bottled water (NO distilled water nor boiled tap water)


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    Personally I wouldn't use any sort of mineral water - its too difficult to achieve the right balance of minerals, sodium etc and with water being stored in a plastic (chemically not pleasant) bottle for periods of up to 12 months for all brands I would think filtered tap water is purer, fresher and less toxic. [if you want to then there is a mineral water marketed at parents for use with children - Wildalp. You can get it at places like City Super etc]

    But then again I wouldn't use Follow on formula. Follow on is a marketing ploy - check the ingredients and you will see minute changes in the composition of minerals, vitamins, fats etc but a 25 to 30% mark up in price - parents are made it think that this is what they need next and so they buy it.

    And as for buying Nestle products.....for children...check these out: or

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