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Mandarin speaking playgroup?

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    val is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2004

    i'm interested.
    just wondering what language do you speak with your husband and friends. and why yr ped recommend eng/mandarin?

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    xioyu is offline Registered User
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    I'm in a similar situation as Momo (above), we wanted our daughter to have as much exposure to Mandarin as early possible. If one parent speaks to her exclusively in Mandarin/and the other in English - that will help to ensure that she will pick up both languages at the same time. I speak mainly English with husband/friends, so our focus is not so much on English which she will naturally pick up. Right now, she only goes to English playgroups. We're looking forward to YWCA's fall program for Mandarin PlayGroup and Mandarin for Munchkins. Feel free to contact me about starting an informal playgroup ourselves (email me address above). If anyone has further comments on the more educational courses offered at KinderU, let me know...

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    Daizy is offline Registered User
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    Anchorage, AK


    Myself and another mom who met through geobaby are going to start hanging out with our babies every week and speak only mandarin. How old is your baby? Our babies are around 6-7 months old.

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    Weaver is offline Registered User
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucinda_k
    There is a school called Mandarin for Munchkins . Its different from others (and there really aren't that many good quality ones around) in that the classes are very, very exclusive -- either one-on-one or in groups of no more than 3 kids. This means that each class is designed and can be modified to suit the learning patterns of the group, their interest, concentration levels or whatever.

    The best bit is that its taught in your (or the other kids' homes) AND its total immersion -- no adults present in the class -- i.e. no parent or helper (unless you sign up for their parent/child classes) so there is no possibility of reverting to the language you're famiiliar with.

    My son just turned 2 and he's started on the classes. Before that I sent him to Tutortime, which didn't work out. Helpers and parents in the class with the kids continued to use English with their children (because they didn't speak Mandarin). It didn't make for a conducive learning environment. And I think the programme wasn't suitable for that age group because it followed a very rigid pattern and didn't change even if the children were screaming and crying from boredom. My son is much more receptive in this new class. As are the other two kids (one also 2, and the other 19 months). After the second class the other two year old starting to repeat the Mandarin sounds already. My son, though not attempting to speak yet, is listening in rapt attention -- HUGE for him cos he cannot, will not, and never sits still. The group only signed up for a two-month trial but we will be continuing with them.

    You can contact the teacher -- Kate, to find out more. Her email is [email protected].

    Hope that helps!

    May I ask how expensive it is?


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    lucinda_k is offline Registered User
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    May 2004

    Hi Weaver

    I think the rate is $160/hour - with a max of 3 or 4 kids in each class. I also know there's been some changes to her structure, re they are phasing out the "at home" aspect of the teaching. My son now attends class still in our building but at the Club House downstairs. But best thing is to check with kate directly whhat the deal is and where else she has set up and if the pricing is still the smae etc. [email protected] is the email address.

    Good luck.

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    catherine lo is offline Registered User
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    tuen mun hong kong

    wanna language exchange

    my son is 18 months old, and i was a mandarin teacher for elementary schoold kids. I really wanna to put my son in some tri-language envirnment, so how about we can have a casual meeting for our kids? if interest, please email me:[email protected] or call me at 81008880

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    adachan is offline Registered User
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    Hi Momo,

    Which Montessori Mandarin Playgroup did your little one go to ? Thanks.


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    momo is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2002
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    At Repluse Bay. My son has since "graduated" and my daughter is now attending the same playgroup.

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