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child of our time

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    child of our time

    I did watch some (very little) parts of this series, but unfortunately I missed most of it. Now I wonder if anybody found it as good as I did and recorded it (on VHS). According to the webpage there is no DVD or so available and so far no book is planned.
    So if anybody did record at least a little bit, it would be great if I could make a copy of it?

    Thank you in advance

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    Jul 2003

    Hi Marta

    We taped the first three of four episodes but I'm not sure where the tape is as madam has been rearranging everything. I'll see if I can look it out for you. Brilliant series isn't it - we were disappointed that you couldn't get hold of the series on dvd or tape.

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    It's bizarre they haven't done a DVD - esp as they started this in 2000. Maybe they are waiting until next year when they get the first 5 years in the can.

    I only saw one episode, maybe we should organise a viewing of any tapes people can find!

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