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Neo natal intensive care

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    Neo natal intensive care

    I have just been diagnosed with low amniotic fluid. I can’t believe I am having such bad luck. I first had an amniocentesis because they calculated my baby to be very high risk of having downs syndrome. The risk was 1:1 so I had to have the amnio. Luckily that came out to be ok. But now I have been told to have full bed rest because of the low amniotic fluid. I had the full detailed ultrasound done yesterday to see if there is something wrong with my baby’s kidneys or bladder. Howerver they said it could be hard to tell as I am in my 25th week and my fluid is low. I will get the results on Monday. Don’t know exactly how low my fluid levels are, so that will come out on Monday too.

    My concern now is that if my baby does have problems, that mean she could need neo natal intensive care. My doctor at Adventist has said on HK island, the only hospital that has such neo natal facilities is Queen Mary. So now I am thinking about going to Queen Mary as a private patient. I want to know if I go in as a private patient and just say if my baby does need intensive care, can I also use the public system too. Otherwise it will be so expensive. My doctor has said the other option was for me to go back overseas. I am thinking about that too but an 8 hour plane trip really does not appeal to me right now and also I will have to be away from my husband for an extensive period of time.

    Therefore has anyone got any suggestions or ideas on what I should do.

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    So sorry to hear about your problem. Yes, you can switch from a private patient to a public patient. But why not just start as a public patient? I just gave birth at QMH last February and boy did I went through a lot. I was in the labour room for 18 hours, and I was regularly tested , my heart, the baby, etc... (my water broke prematurely)and finally I had a vacuum extraction delivery. All in all they took care of me really well. They didn't spare anything just because I was a public patient.

    Well good luck to you.

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