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living in pokfulam or midlevels

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    living in pokfulam or midlevels

    will be relocating end of summer and will be visiting some apt in june like the baguio villa and scenic villas as i have friends living there now. they say that there are lots of children there so definately my children will not have problems making friends.

    can anyone living in pokfulam or midlevels give me some guidance to where (which complex and apartments) you think children benefits most in terms of recreaction facility, outdoor play, pool or part of couryard etc...and a warm neighborhood.

    do you think living in a high rise is better than low rise? i know it's very different living. what are your thoughts?


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    we lived in midlevels until my daughter was 4 before moving to pokfulam end last year. we like both places. whether midlevels or pokfulam suits you depends on what you are looking for. they are very different, in my opinion.

    i am a working mum and midlevels is closer to my office. so when my daughter was younger, i could pop home during lunch time to see her, which i find very useful. there are also many play schools such as kindermusic, gymbaroo, etc within walking distance. finally, if you choose you live in midlevels and you have no access to a private club, then may be it is better if you look for an aprtment with a club house. where we were there is a pool and a playgroud where my daughter made lots of friends.

    both baguia villas and scenic villas are good choices as there is a big expat community there and there is also a pool and playground in both. only downside with pokfulam is distance (my daughter still attend classes in Central/midlevels) but if you are available to drive them around, then it is a nice and quite place to live.

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    I live in the Belcher's, Pokfulam Road. It's very close to Centre and Mid-levels (about 15 minutes by taxi, 20 minutes by bus and 30 minutes by tram) We have a good club house with gym, indoor swimming pool (25m), outdoor swimming pool (50m), 5 outdoor playareas, BBQ area, 1 indoor playarea, etc and best of all, a shopping complex downstairs with restaurants, shops, HSBC bank and Wellcome Supermarket (very good one). There is a park and a public library nearby which I go very often with my daughter. We chose here not only because of the facilities and location but also the community which has many families like us (expat from all over the world and with young children) You can check the website

    Good luck in finding your dream home.

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