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general baby heath!

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    general baby heath!

    Hi, I'm new to this board and have a few questions! I'm Victoria, from the UK, live in the USA at the mo but returning to the UK in a few wks and may be coming to HK with hubbys job later in the yr!!! We have a 5 mth boy who is doing well and we adore, hard work aren't they!!!!
    Anyway,... can anyone help with the followiing q's:
    Oliver has had his 4 mth shots in the USA and will have his 6mth shote in the UK in June. By the time he need more shots we may be in HK so do HK follow the US and the UK on a health schedule for baby? I'm not sure what he need nxt but has nayone been in a similar situation?
    Also what is pre natal care like in HK, we want another child/children and have xperienced the US birth etc but whats the HK expericnce like, we would have private health insurance etc?
    And is the doctor setup the same, how do you join a practice?
    How does health care compare with the UK and the USA?
    Gosh so many questions!
    Hope someone can help!

    Thanks so mcuh


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    HK follows the UK system. The next shot will be at 1 year. Details here:

    Prenatal care in HK is great. You have the option of going through public or private care. If you are planning for baby, make sure your health coverage includes maternity and there isn't any waiting periods.

    More information on pregnancy costs here:

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