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    Question circumcision

    Is circumcision common in Hong Kong? We want to have our baby circumcised if it is a boy and we are giving birth at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Are all doctor's trained in the procedure here, or do you need to arrange it with a specialist? Can anyone recommend a qualified physician to perform the procedure?

    At what age do they usually perform a circumcision?


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    Have a look at our Resource Directory under Gynos and Paeditricans, i have listed the Drs that perform circumcisions. I believe its done soon after the birth on the 3rd day, thats if you deliver in a private hospital and arrange it with your Dr.

    Not sure about QE. Have a friend who had it done at Pamela Youde will ask her the procedure in the Gov't System. I believe she did it much later at 1 year.


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    Our pediatrician performs the procedure

    Hi! Our pediatrician, Dr Eunice Wong, performed this procedure on our son and we thought she was very professional and did a great job. She was recommended to us by my ob/gyn (the ob/gyn informed us we were having a boy and we knew we would have our son circumcised). Dr Wong is a US trained pediatrician affiliated with the American Bd of Pediatrics....our ob/gyn suggested her because she performs this procedure on a regular seems to be more popular with Americans.

    She spent time explaining the procedure, pros/cons to us and gave us literature to read and time to consider the procedure even though we were quite certain about it. We actually decided to join our son during the operation---didn't want to have him go it alone, so to speak. Dr Wong respected our choice --she did mention it is not common though. Circumcision was done on son's 3rd day so we were still in the hospital and the nurses and Dr Wong provided good follow up.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. What does Dr. Eunice Wong charge for the circumcision? Would she come to a public hospital to perform it? I still need to talk to my hospital about it, but I want to make sure that whoever performs it is well-qualified and experienced.

    We are Canadian and I didn't think it was a very common procedure in Hong Kong. It started in the Old Testament of the Bible so countries that are not Biblically based tend not to circumcise. It is becoming less popular in North America now too, but I still think there are lots of benefits to it.

    Once we find out what we're having, I'll maybe get some contact information for Dr. Wong.

    I appreciate the information

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