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How early to sign up for preshool?

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    How early to sign up for preshool?

    Im moving to hong Kong in August and want to enroll my child who will be 2 next March in pre-school.

    Which in your opinion is the best pre school in the midlevels?

    How early do I have to sign up? Are there long wait lists?


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    Hong Kong

    You may visit HKPPA web site: for information. This group have one branch at Mid-level.


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    You could also try Woodland Montessori Pre-School in Midlevels.
    I believe the minimum age for pre-school is 2 and a half.
    My daughter (2 yrs 4 mths) currently attends the school's "Stepping Stones" class, which is a "pre" pre-school class to get her ready for attending pre-school proper in January '05 (if she's deemed ready for it of course). Stepping Stones classes are 2 hours long, three times a week (morning or afternoon sessions are available). The children should be toilet trained or at least semi toilet trained for Stepping Stones.
    Before "Stepping Stones", she attended the school's playgroup twice weekly, which she enjoyed immensely. Places for the playgroup are available for kids 18 months and above. Once the teacher feels the child is ready for Stepping Stones, the parents will be advised.
    There is a waiting list for all class types, so it's best to register your interest as soon as possible.
    Address is: G/F Kam Kin Mansion, 119-125 Caine Road, Midlevels. Phone: 2549-1211
    Good luck. Hope this helps.

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