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Credit Card for helper

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    Lightbulb Credit Card for helper

    Does anyone give their helper a credit card? I would like to help mine get one so that she can do errands and shopping for me at places other than ParknShop (she has a PNS card). I would keep the limit low, but would like us both to have the extra freedom that not always having cash around the house would provide.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: credit card for helper

    I see no one has replied yet. I certainly wouldn't be giving my helper a credit card - even a small limit.

    We give ours $1,000 cash and she must keep all receipts. At the end of each month she hands back the receipts and a record sheet with each $1,000 signed for. Much easier way to keep tabs on things.

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    We do the cash in the drawer and receipts thing too. It's a pain remembering to get the cash sometimes, but over the years I've become better at menu planning and I now do the big shop myself (often online)

    Based on my limited knowledge of bank credit facilities in HK I don't think you'll be able to get your helper a credit card because she doesn't earn enough money (nor has the credit background).

    Also I don't believe you can get them a supplementary card (which you wouldn't want to do anyway)

    When we first got here I asked about the PNS card but was told they weren't being issued anymore - how did you get yours, or have you had it a long time?

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    If it's the cash that's bothersome, I suppose you coulf buy her an Octopus card and then fill it up from time to time and have her present the receipts.

    A credit card would be useless in the wet market anyway.

    We do the give market money (a few hundred a week usually) and look at receipts and accounts.

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