I nursed D for close to a year and I started weaning him at 8 months. By 11 months he was totally weaned and drinking Enfamil 2+. He tends to fall sick every 3 months or so with bronchitis and he starts wheezing and the Drs prescribe a bronchdilator. Our paed has alway said that D has an allergy but we've never been able to figure out to what. I took him to a Naturopath a couple of weeks ago and he suspects that D is allergic to Cow's Milk. So we've switched him to Soya Milk - Isomil and we're going to observe him for a month or so.

The Isomil is definitely a lot more heavier/oily than the Enfamil, takes forever to dissolve. Does anyone else find this?

Also, D is going to be 2 soon and I should be weaning him off forumla right? So which brands of Soya Milk are good for kids?