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Oxford Reading Tree

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    Oxford Reading Tree

    Any users here? Please comment.

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    My elder daughter has been on ORT for 2 years now. The magic key stories are fairly imaginative, but sometimes the story concepts are hard to relate to given they are written for British kids in Britain.

    I do know that the schools do NOT want parents to buy the sets themselves and push their kids through the stages - quite simply because the class curriculum is set to correspond to the words and stories they will cover through the ORT stages.

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    As a primary school teacher in the UK with 11 years experience, in my opinion Oxford Reading Tree is the best reading scheme that the UK has to offer.
    The children love the stories, you can use them to jump off at tangents so the children use their own imaginations and the build up of words is progressive. I would also recommend using them alongside a phonics based scheme for learning new words.
    Please also note that ORT is an infant based scheme and children should be working through it at quite a rate. By the time they get to junior age (7-11 years), they should definitely be moving onto other books. Alot of schemes don't work in schools because children are forced to plod through them at the teachers rate, not the speed the children need.
    Anyway I'll get off my soap box now. Basically make sure the school is keeping up with the rate that your child needs to learn


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