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Playdate for high functioning PDD kid.

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    Playdate for high functioning PDD kid.

    My son is on the high functioning end of the PDD spectrum and is now attending K2 (moving to K3) in an international kindergarten in Kowloon Tong. He is also attending sessions at Watchdog. Just want to know if there are any parents who are looking for peer support and/or playdates for their kids with autistic features? Seems that there aren't many mutual support groups in HK and most of them are on the Island side. We are living in Shatin and do want to know if anyone in the neighbourhood is interested in forming one. Or it may just be email exchanges of experiences in parenting PDD kids. We are a Hong Kong-Chinese family. My son is 5 years and communicates naturally in English. Simon

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    Hi Jools and moms,
    We just had him check with specialist in New England Child Medical Center in Boston while we were home this summer....I had a tough time and still struggling to help my son when he ddiagnosed as a PDD-NOS....and the 3 doctors from all different specialist were at the rooms at same time to monitor my son with us in Boston had told us, no matter what kind of diagnosed for the children's between speech delay, or any developmental delay, the therapies are all same. It called ABA therapy. Floor time...
    I bought the DVD for enhance to get him engage with his speech and others, It called. Bumble Bees vocabulary builder. and its great!! Normally the DVDs or cartoon are one way communication, But I found this one is different. I am watching with him every 30 min a day and a floor time.

    If you need more information or wants to sharing same type of experiences , please call me or email me directly. I bought the books over in Boston as recommended by the doctors and therapist, which needs to be educated my self in order to help my child. Therapist is the must, because the earlier to get him engage is the better for the child. I just want to help my son to get his life back!!

    My email is [email protected] and the number is 9092-8468

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