Hi Graham,

I had the same experience as your wife, that I got very little from the pump at first. I found this improved as my baby (now 7 months old) got older because although with time the breasts get less full, they gradually produce more milk in accordance with your baby's needs.

Also, like somebody else has commented, I find I can get MUCH more milk if I pump when feeding from the other side. It can be tricky to get the positioning right if you have a fidgety baby (mine tries to kick the pump) or if he/she keeps bobbing off the breast, but I can get up to 150ml in 10 minutes when I'm very full first thing in the morning, whereas the best I have done at any other time is 90ml in 30 minutes. If you want to build up a stock in advance, your wife could try this whenever her breasts are full. But don't panic too much about filling the freezer now. I have a friend whose freezer defrosted and she lost gallons! It will get easier as the baby gets older.