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Bags for Freezing Breast Milk?

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    Bags for Freezing Breast Milk?

    My wife is planning to start trying to express soon to hopefully build up a supply of frozen breast milk for when she goes back to work in mid-August.

    However, we just read that you shouldn't or can't use normal baby feeding bottles to store breast milk in the freezer and that there are special bags or containers for this purpose.

    I just checked in Watsons and couldn't find anything, but in Mannings they sell bags especially for storing breast milk in the freezer. The only problem is the cost. It was HK$115 for one 150ML bag. Is that normal? It seems extremely expensive to me.

    Is there a cheaper alternative? Rani, do you sell anything on this site?



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    I used bage by Avent - they are around 50 dollars for 40 bags. You can get them from either Mothercare or Bumps to babes on Pedder Street. I used the metal ties for them. They are pre-steralised. The other thing you can use is Medela bags or bottles, but these are more expensive.
    Good luck

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    Its a good idea to double bag the milk (ie put one bag inside the other) before you put it in the freezer. This will minimise the risk of you losing milk through tears in the bag.
    I used the Avent bags - it works out quite expensive but still cheaper than formula!

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    I used the Avent bags too. They're 8oz bags and I initially froze 4ozs at at time which were perfect for 1 feed for a little one and as baby's appetite increases you can increase to 6ozs. I also double bagged but used regular Ziplock bags.

    Graham I don't sell the bags. But I did pick up some for real cheap from Swop in Horizon Plaza. Give them a call and they'll let you know if they have any in stock. Number is in the Resource Directory.


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    A friend of mine used to sterile an ice cube tray and then freeze her milk into cubes. Once frozen she then placed them into the milk freezer bags. This had two advantages. The first was she could take small quantities of milk out for the baby to drink and then add extra if the baby was still hungry. Also it allowed her to store more milk into each bag and so save money.

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    Maybe I can help

    Hi Graham,

    I have 4 extra boxes of Avent Presterilized Disposable Liners sitting in my cupboard. The liners are great for storing breast milk. They are so good that I figured I would just save them until the next baby comes along...not sure when that will be!

    Would you be interested in buying the liners from me? My price is a lot cheaper that the stores in HK because I picked them up in the US. I went overboard thinking I'd be travelling a lot!

    The liners holds 8 oz/240ml. Each box contains 100 liners. I'd be willing to sell each box for $75HK, or I could sell you all 4 boxes for $250.

    If you or any other reader is interested, reply to this post with your contact info.

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    I liked the lansinol bags because they ziplocked. The twistties weren't as easy to close. Your spouse can save the breastmilk in the fridge for a few days, then put the unused amount into the freezer before it spoils. Frozen milk is only good for a few hours when defrosted, even if placed in the fridge. Make sure your helper understands how to handle the milk. Pumping is exhausting, I think more tiring and stressful than breastfeeding as your supply changes and this does not always correlate with your desire to fill up the bottle. Also, your milk changes depending on the baby's age/needs. Don't expect to save more than 2 months in advance.

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    Oops - I have been putting the Avent sterilised cups in the freezer - are you not supposed to do that?

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