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Prince of Wales

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    Prince of Wales

    Hi, we are new parents to be and have a few questions. We are now 7 weeks preggies and starting to think about hospitals etc. Prince of Wales is closest to us so I was wondering if anyone has any info for us. I am also struggling with terrible ALL DAY sickness so if anyone has any great ideas I would be very greatful.

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    Hi there...I have heard that getting some Essential Oils such as Ginger can help. (you use it with one of those essential oil burners..can't think of what they're called at the moment :( ) Also, my doctor told me to keep a good supply of unsalted crackers on me and whenever I felt nauseous to nibble on the crackers. It worked for me. I have also heard about using motion sickness bracelets for morning sickness. Not sure how they work. Anyway, I hope you find some relief soon..morning sickness..especially when it lasts all put it simply..SUCKS! I feel for you, I really do. Good Luck and hang in there!


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    Here are a couple of reviews of Prince of Wales

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I had my first baby in Prince of Wales. I started off in the public system but was very uncomfortable with the lack of communication and it was not well geared up for non-Chinese speakers. I therefore transferred to the private O&G clinic at the hospital (9th Floor) and subsequently the private Maternity Ward for delivery and was much happier as the level of English spoken was infinitely better and they actually took time to answer all my questions without me feeling like an inconvenience.

    Be aware, however, that Prince of Wales only has one private delivery room so if it is occupied you will have to deliver the baby in a ward with lots of other women which I hated.

    Subsequently I went public at Queen Mary Hospital for my second child and was more than happy with the service there.

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    Hello my name is Sophie Degnegaard,

    I am tuning to Geobaby to get some help for my master project.

    My thesis is about Hong Kong’s low birth rate and the cost of modern living.

    I am trying to get in contact with local Hong Kong couples, who have children, are on fertility treatment or doesn’t want children. Do you know any I could speak to?

    I really appreciate any kind of help.



    My email is [email protected]
    Mobil 9869 3912

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