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Bouncers w/hard back support or not?

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    Bouncers w/hard back support or not?

    Now that my son is 6 weeks old, I want to start putting him in a bouncer for a short time each day during his wakeful periods.

    A friend gave us an old Chicco brand bouncer that they no longer need as their daughter is nearly 3 years old. However, I'm not sure whether to use it for my son as it has two wooden boards inside for support, one for the back and one in the seat, which I'm worried would be too hard for him, plus it doesn't seem to bounce at all.

    I've seen a Fisher Price bouncer in Toys R us that I like for HK$399. It's this model. However, my wife is worried that as it seems to have no back support it would be bad for baby's neck and back.

    Any idea what is best for baby?


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    I have had a soft bouncer for my baby since he was newborn. He loved it. I have been told that no more then 30 minutes at a time with new babies, but mine loved it so much because he could look around. so we just took him out when he became tired of it. they should lay a bit cradled in it. just make sure his head is supported. our little one is now 3 months old and big enough to hold head, but before that i made a little pillow of blankents for his head support. you could try using a carseat pillow for his head in the bouncer, if you are afraid of him using it as it is..enjoy.....

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