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Post Partum Depression

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    Post Partum Depression

    Hi I am moving to Hong Kong in January and am wondering if anyone can reccommend a therapist who deals primarily with Post Partum Depression. My husband and I are thinking of moving to Mid-Levels for the first couple of years, so something in Central would be ideal. I appreciate any info on this. Thanks!


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    Hi Mellie
    A great person to speak to is Dr Susan Mistler. She used to be with the Greg Wells practice, but has now relocated to Lucy Lord's practice in the Shui On Centre in Wanchai. Susan is absolutely wonderful. The best. The practice number is +852 2824 0822. SHe's not cheap though..... but she practices cognitive behavioural therapy, so her aim is to get you in, help you adjust, and get you out again, in as few sessions as possible. so you're not in it for the long haul $$$. Good luck to you. I sympathise hugely, i've been there

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