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Shichida Method - Linking Memory Cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by cemily View Post

    Rest assured the Doman method works v v well. Many children on the program can read miles ahead of their age, eg 2yo can read independently, 6 yo can read at Grade 7 level etc.

    But the "treasure" lies with the physical program, which develops the brain, the hardware, and make it ready to receive any software in later years. The first 3 years ie 0 - 3yo, are the most important brain development years. Make sure the baby/ child has loads of time crawling, creeping, running, walking and brachiating.

    The intellectual program ie reading, math etc, are the "side effects". Lot more effective if the mother does it as it becomes a tailor made program. Key is everything is done joyously. If the child refuses any cards, stop there and then.

    Warning, without the physical program, purely doing the intellectual program may lead to various development problems with the child.

    Enjoy your programs.

    are these programs we can do at home with baby? where can we buy the program materials?

    thanks. :)

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    Yes, Doman programs are meant to be home programs.

    In this thread, there are various download sites.

    Many parents do their own cards, which, I believe is the best method to go ahead. Lots of work but no pain, no gain.

    More information, buy the Doman books from

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    Hi Kiu Kiu,

    Can you tell me how I can purchase the Linking Memory Card or any 2nd Hand Shichida items for sale? I have relative in Hong Kong.


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    Linking Memory Cards



    I have linking memory set: LM1, LM2 & LM3 USD 32.00 or SGD 43.00 or RM100.00 each


    Each set consists of:

    1. 50 A5 size cards for flashing
    2. 50 smaller play cards
    3. 5 A4 size cards each contain 10 images
    4. Instructions on how to play
    5. Linking Memory story

    * Free gift: mandalas set (8 designs with coloring page) for those order all 3 LM sets.

    Please send me an email if you are interested ([email protected] or [email protected] ). Free Delivery to Singapore and Malaysia

    Thank you


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