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Snow brand Japanese infant formula

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    snoopymom is offline Registered User
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    I don't think a certain brand can make you have whiter skin/bigger babies. I hear that Meiji, Morinaga and Wakodo are pretty similar in its quality. You should just try out one can for your baby to see if it is okay for her.

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    bunbunng is offline Registered User
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    I wonder if anyone knows any website that I could order these Japanese infant formula for overseas? My daughter is 4 month and is proven to have acid reflux, she's now having the thickened formula, but only helps her out a little bit. I searched on Re-On, and I believe it only delivers within HK, any suggestions? Thanks alot

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    some say that Meiji is not good as it contains lard, is lard really bad to our babes. Cos my 11-mths is currently taking Meiji, should I change to another brand instead. Are these Japenese formulas really higher in vitamins and minerals (as said in TVB health series lately) or also higher in DHA or ARA? I tried to compare the nutrient value of different Jap brands with Enfamil, S26, but couldnt, cos I couldnt read Jap. Has anybody done that before?

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    Nikimon -- If you go to the re-on website (, and click into the brand of milk powder you are interested to locate the ingredients, they have it in Chinese. Not in English though.

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