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Maclaren Volo Accessory Kit?

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    ozmaofoz is offline Registered User
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    Maclaren Volo Accessory Kit?

    Does anyone know where to get the Maclaren Volo Accessory Kit? I purchased my Volo from Toys R Us. I've looked there, the Bumps to Babes in Pedder/Central and Mothercare in Admiralty and haven't found it. I could order it from the States, but I don't want to pay shipping! Any ideas?

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    Hmm strange as I go mine from Bumps to Babes in Horizon Plaza

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    I bought mine in Mothercare in Central (Pedder Building). The manager in there is really lovely and if they don't have it in the shop she will order one in for you (that's what she did for us). Bumps to Babes usually sell the pushchair and accessories pack together, so that might be why tehy didn't have them for sale seperately.

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    You can also try calling Maclaren directly

    Maclaren HK - 2783 8966 or 2783 8187

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Accessory Pack at Toys R Us

    Hi! I purchased both my stroller and accessory pack for the Volo at Toys R Us in Causeway Bay. I had to get a sales person to help me find the accessory pack as they are placed in a different place than the strollers. I purchased mine around Chinese New Year in 2004....not that long ago. Mothercare also sells them and will order for you if they aren't in stock. Hope this helps.

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