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Breastfeeding rates in Hong Kong?

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    i had a very complicated delivery but luckily, my milk came in quite early on. i'v now breastfed for 3 months and still going at it and though at first i found that it was uncomfortable to breastfeed in public (in fact, the first month to month and a half, i shyed away from going out too much) i think it was more my own self consciousness. Now, i feel - why should i worry about what people think? unless i'm actually told off by someone say a waitor or park staff (which is pretty rude anyways i think!) i will just feed anywhere i can sit down. i'v come to the opinion that if people take offence to it, don't they have the brains to look in another direction so they don't see me? if i see a dead rat on the street and i'm uncomfortable i don't keep staring at it, i turn my head away right away. i don't even notice the stares anymore coz i just keep talking to my own group of friends.

    i agree that hk is good in promoting breastfeeding. i delivered at the matilda and from the time of birth and even until now, the support groups for breastfeeding is phenomenal. i can't say that i have heard that same for back in Canada. I think it's an individual decision and moms must choose what is best for both the baby and for herself as well. but 60% does sound high to me given the number of people i know who just went straight to formula or gave up after a week or 2 because it is much more convenient to not b/feed.

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    Please remember that the 60% is breastfeeding at discharge from hospital. So the mothers who gave up after a week or 2 because it is much more convenient to not breastfeed are included in that figure.

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    I gave birth in Queen Mary and found that the staff were extremely supportive of my desire to breastfeed. my daughter was in special care for 24 hours and i was unable to visit her. In my hormonal state i was convinced that they would have been feeding her formula against my wishes but, once i was able to visit her, i found her cot covered in bilingual signs saying "breastfeeding -no bottles!". I was also sure that breastfeeding would be difficult to establish (having read so much about the need to feed immediately after delivery etc) but we managed fine.
    I have breastfed both of my children for about 12 months each. I rarely use nursing rooms as I prefer not to have to hide away in order to feed my baby, especially now that I also have a toddler in tow. If I meet my husband for lunch I don't want to have to go and sit in a toilet, however nice, for and hour or so. Having said that, I would like to think that I am always very discrete and I am sure that most people wouldn't know that I was feeding. I agree that it would be better if people became more accustomed to the fact that breastfeeding happens. I have never had any negative comments when breastfeeding in public. If I had I would have to say that I am equally offended when I see a tiny newborn being bottle fed, but it is none of my business so I would never dream of commenting.

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