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Maid Question

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    Maid Question

    We had a thunder storm in Tai Po yesterday and my house received a near or direct lightning strike, which took out the electricity in our village for a while.

    Today, our maid is saying that the storm damaged the charger for her mobile phone and also the battery for her mobile phone, which was in the charger at the time and does appear to have a burn mark on it.

    Our maid has asked my wife for a replacement charger and although she hasn't directly asked yet, my wife thinks she may ask for a new battery as well.

    As this is our first time to have a maid, I'm not sure what our obligations are in this situation. Does anybody know are we oblidged to buy her a new charger and battery? Although the damage did take place in our house, I would have thought that a storm was pretty much 'an act of god' and not deliberate damage. I've got no problem with buying replacements if that is what we are supposed to do, but I don't want to be taken advantage of.


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    I am quite sure you could argue you are not legally bound to replace her charger and battery, however understanding and generosity of spirit in these circumstances goes a very long way to building invaluable trust and loyalty from your helper.

    Your helper is someone you must trust with your children, your valuables and details of your personal lives - opportunities to build loyalty and trust from your helper are always well worth it.

    It does not sound to me as if your helper is trying to take advantage of you.

    If all the cost still seems unfair - perhaps offer to pay a part of the replacement cost.

    Julie Jacobson
    Author of Helper's Helper Tips and advice for employers and their domestic helpers.

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