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Reusable pool pants/diapers

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    Reusable pool pants/diapers

    Hi, everyone!

    Is any of us out there using reusable pool pants/diapers for your not-yet-potty-trained toddler? Our boy is using Huggies' Little Swimmers at the moment, but we would like to switch to something more environmentally and economically friendly. Is there any brand in particular that you're totally happy/unhappy with? We would really appreciate your experiences.

    Thanks so much.

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    I reuse the Little Swimmers. They're always clean, so I just rinse it out and hang it to dry.


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    a couple of months ago, i found a pair of swimming trunks with terry cloth lining for protection at the mothercare in CWB. have used them for our baby since 3 months. but now they're a bit tight around the thighs.

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    I bought the swim diaper at Mothercare as well ($100), but it did shrink in the washer and now it's too small. The Lil Swimmers are far less expsnsive in the States. You get 11 there for the price of 3 here!

    I think if you swim every day, the $100 swim diaper is a good price for a couple months use. If you're only swimming a few times a month, then the 3 for $25 Lil Swimmers would be more economical because of how fast kids grow out of stuff.

    Most people in my housing estate don't put their toddlers in swim diapers at all and the housing estate heats the outdoor pool (even in the summer). Can you say BACTERIA? (I wanted to use the vomiting emoticon, but it's ...............really graphic! lol).

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