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    What does everyone do for water? Tap, filtered, bottled or water dispenser? Anyone use NSA water filter? What do you think? Please let me know system and brands and what you think of them. Who thought water could be so hard?

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    Shirley is offline Registered User
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    Heng Fa Chuen

    I use the Brita Fjord Select water filter. (click this link to see the details : It comes with a one cartridge and you replace it every 4 weeks. Just fill it up with tap water and whenever I give my baby milk, then I boil this filtered water instead. I think the water in HK is very dirty.

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    Discovery Bay

    I boil tap water. I think tap water in HK is OK but often is adversely affected by rusty pipes in your building. Our pipes were replaced a few years ago and the tap water tasted fine for a while but is already starting to deteriorate! So whether you find any form of tap water acceptable might depend on where you live.

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    New Territories

    For making up formula:

    If you're in Melbourne, tap water boiled for 5 mins would be fine. In HK, either get a good filter and boil... or use distilled water and boil.

    We also cook our baby's food with distilled water. My partner is just wrapping up a job here replacing fresh water pipes in Kowloon and he said we are absolutely not to use tap water for drinking without boiling. It's just easier to use bottled, and it's pretty cheap here as well.

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