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Baby refuses solids

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    Well, I saw oat cereal for babies (Quaker brand) from Taiwan available here where I am. Haven't seen it in HK though.
    Another type would be Earth's Best Organic Oat Cereal available in some Park N Shop stores and CitySuper. But I make my own using my MIL's recipe. Way much cheaper & pretty quick too. Don't know why, but most babies seems to love oats this way! E-mail me ([email protected]) if you want the recipe.

    I'm not familiar with Avent teats since my kids (twins-7 mths) used Dr Brown's bottles from the start. I usually try to spoon feed the cereal but on fussy days, used Dr Brown's Y-cut cereal teats for cereal feed. I use Level 2 (bigger hole) to feed milk mix wz strained oats. For plain milk, I'm still using Level 1 teats. I tried Avent bottles with my twins but they didn't quite like them. Think the teats were too short & hard for them. Bumps to Babes at Pedders Bldg have a good stock quantity of Dr Brown's bottles & teats the last time I was there.

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    I have four children and they all started solids at a different age and in a different way. I was at a BBQ with my eldest and she was getting bored sitting in the pushchair so my father gave her a lamb chop bone to play with. She was much more interested in this than any of the toys I’d brought with me for her to play with. Later I decided that this was probably the normal first solids for babies in the caveman days. I don’t remember exactly how old she was but she was able to sit up in the pushchair unaided and eat/play with the bone.

    When my second child was about five months old I left him with his aunt while I got his sister to sleep in the bedroom. When I returned they were sharing a banana. I took one look at him chewing away and decided that he was ready for solids.

    With my third child I started to offer solids once a week from six months onwards. But he wasn’t interested at all. When he was nearly nine months he swallowed the food rather than push it back out. After that I offered him food everyday – some days he liked it and others he didn’t – by the time he was a year he was regularly eating some solids each day unless he was ill.

    When my last child was a baby her elder siblings were very anxious to feed her. I managed to hold them off until she was six months by explaining about the health benefits of waiting. But on her six month birthday they all started to feed her. I know that the baby books recommend that one food be offered at a time so that allergies can be caught. My husband, however, told me that offering twenty foods at a time was the quickest way to find out that she wasn’t allergic to anything!

    I think that it is important to follow the baby’s lead with starting solids because some are ready before others. Often if a baby doesn’t want to start solids at a young age there is an underlying reason, for example allergies – in these cases delaying the start of solids is beneficial.

    Best wishes,

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    I've also had problems with solids refusal. My baby is now 10 months old and happily eating some finger foods, mostly still in small quantities but the other day she ate 10 pieces of pasta in one sitting! From the age of 5 to 7 months she ate almost nothing, refused to let us put anything in her mouth. Stopped trying after a while. You can let, say, a week pass and then try again, but if baby is not interested there is no point in forcing, that will probably only make things worse (it did for us).

    The first thing she started eating at about 8 months were baby rice cakes and dry toast, which she liked to suck on. Don't be put off if baby gags a little at first, and may cough or spit up; this is normal as they're not used to swallowing lumps. Then gradually she has been progressing to steamed veggies, pasta, cheese, fish. The most success we have is when she is sat on my lap, grabbing things that are on my plate; you can push baby-friendly items to the front. Also when we have a family meal and we're all sitting around the table eating the same thing. The day after she ate 10 pieces of pasta in sauce (same as parents were having), she wouldn't touch the leftovers on her own!

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    Having started this thread I thought I should post the lastest update lest someone else should go through the same thing. My daughter eventually showed willingness to take solids (cereal, blend sweet potatoes) at 9.5 months. Thank you to all who had given their input thus giving me some peace of mind. Given the responses it seemed that it was not that unusual for baby to take solids at a much later stage than the usual 6 months. What surprises me is that the paediatrician which I took her did not tell me so (or perhaps did not know). Thank you all once again and thank goodness for Geobaby forum.

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