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Baby moves a lot

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    Baby moves a lot

    Hi there! I'm 26 weeks now and my baby boy is a mega wriggler. Although I love it, I'm a bit worried that all his thrashing and somersaults will get him tangled up with his umbilical cord. Can this actually happen or am I being silly?

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    My baby moves a lot too. From what I've read, the umbilical cord grows as the baby grows and it shouldn't be long enough to strangle the baby or anything. It is very tough and the baby will actually grab it and tug on it without any problem because of the way it's constructed.

    I did read about a condition where the umbilical cord grows too long, but it is very uncommon and your doctor would have noticed it during an ultrasound if it was a concern.

    I hope this helps.

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    It is not uncommon for the cord to be around the neck during delivery and the doctor then slipping it off. The cord can get a knot in it too but it is very rare for this to be so severe to cause a death or brain damage. This is just one of those things that someitmes happens and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. You often can't tell from ultrasound because by then the baby is large and you can't really see much of the cord anymore. This is why when there is a knot in the cord or it is around the neck, it usually isn't dicovered until delivery.

    The fact that the baby moves a lot is a good sign. That tells you the baby is healthy. A healthy baby is an active baby. I wouldn't worry about it since it is so rare, you can't do anything about it anyways, and you have an active baby. If your baby suddenly becomes less active, then definately go see your doctor!

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