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Suggestion - Kids fight

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    che is offline Registered User
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    your comments are very useful. my girl is almost two. in the past 2 weeks, she started to show bad temper, e.g. throwing things on the floor and lie on the floor when you didn't give things she wanted quick enough. I scold her and explained to her that it was wrong. She nodded her head but she can't control herself when the same thing happened. What should I do? Please advise.

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    Susanna Wong is offline Registered User
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    Thanks for all the good suggestions and advice. I believe that not really understanding what the words mean is part of the problem I am facing. Alvin does say "sorry, I am naughty", "Thanks you", "please". But I am not sure how much he understands the words. More importantly, he is showing frustration these days but not saying what he feels. Will definitely try to introduce more words to him to help him express his feelings. Hope this helps his social interactions with other kids.

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