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Stem Cells Storage Cryolife

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    Stem Cells Storage Cryolife

    Has anyone heard of this? or anyone participate in this?
    How long b4 giving birth must we decide?
    Did anyone store their babies cells???

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    check out their website

    You can register at any time, but its best to register 14 before your due date otherwise there is a 500 dollar admin charge. I registered about 3 weeks before my due date, I went up to their office in central, completed some paperwork and took home the kit. You will need to pay the enrolment fee of $1500 and processing fee, $8000. You need to remember to take it to the hospital with you when you go into labour, and let the nurses know that you will be storing stem cells. Only a few hospitals participate in stem cell collection, the website about lists which ones. Also, you should talk to your Ob and let him know you are interested in storing stem cells, as they are responsible for the collection immediately after you have given birth. You might also want to check if there is an extra charge, as some doctors charge extra for this. The hospital may also charge as well, so worth checking out. My doctor wasnt able to collect enough, so in the end we opted not to store the cord blood. Cryolife returned the processing fee, but not the enrolment fee which is non refundable.

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    We stored Ds cells at Cryolife too.

    Have a read through some previous threads:

    Umbilical blood

    cord blood

    Just wanna to say Hi to all mums

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