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Montessori School of Hong Kong vs. Highgate House School

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKSupermom View Post
    Replay to "loving mom"and "2.55":
    My child studied in montessori school for 18 months since 2006. We did not need to pay the so called large sum of tuition fee and refunable debenture and were even informed that this is not in practise anymore for more than 3 years. So your comment is obviously outdated.
    My husband and I are extremely happy with our son's performance. We shifted to another school because we have moved to shatin. The certificate we got from montessori school is very applicable and useful when we apply the primary school for our son. And still today his English is the best in the class. No offence, if you are so unhappy to be with the school and they are not transparent and keep on changing teachers, why have you kept your child in the school for four years. Assuming you need to pay school fees for the four years, right? Frankly, we do not see the issue that you said. We care about this as we do not want our son's certificate being disputed. We trust our choice even for only 18 months. Again no offence, it is obvious that you are badmouthing for other reason. As a lawyer, I am concerning your soliciting crowd to gain personal advantage or abusing others. It is not a minor offence in Hong Kong under common law.

    HK Supermom
    Hi HK Supermom,

    do you have any good montessori school suggest for a 2yr boy? we live in shatin... thanks for advise!

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    Does anyone know if the new Garden House pre-school opening in Clearwater Bay is connected to the Highgate House School on the Peak? I know that the new school is set up by one of the founders from the Peak school but are the two schools connected (like a company) or are they seperately run by different people. Thanks.

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    Best Concept is a good Montessori school. Only drawback is that it is in the city, so there is no outdoor playground. It is more of a learning center. Its teacher/student ratio is low at 1:6. The teachers are caring.

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