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Mini Dracula

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    Unhappy Mini Dracula

    Our 1 1/2 year old son has been biting me (his mom) lately, mostly when he wants attention. When I say firmly "NO BITING" to him, he just giggles and laughs, loving my reaction--then he tries to continue biting again. I have to physically hold him back and when I do so, he laughs and laughs, like he's having loads of fun. I do give him the normal amount of attention and have fun with him, so I'm not sure what makes him want to bite me. He doesn't do it to other people or his dad either.

    The question is: I have no idea how to handle this. I've tried to explain with calm talking that he should not bite mommy or he'll make her upset--but he's not at the age where he understands things. I held his mouth and tapped his teeth while saying no biting but he just kept giggling in delight.

    Any recommendations from those who have been there?

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    Keep on saying no

    Keep on saying "no biting, biting hurts" and frowning. It will bother you and embarass you (when he bites other kids and adults) for about 2 more years.

    My daughter grew out of biting when she was about 2 1/2, my son was about 3 when he last bit.

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    My daughter fif not bite but my son did to some extent. He has grown out of it now (2.5 years).

    Please don't listen to people who say bite them back. This can only cause more problemss with them understanding the situation. If mommy can do it, why can't I?

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    I went through this with D as well. At one point my shoulder looked horrible with red/blue bite marks. I'm not sure if I handled the situation correctly. I used to howl in pain and one fine day he finally grew out of it.

    Also, if he enjoys books a popular picture book on this topic is by Karen Katz - "No Biting". It also covers, no hitting, kicking, spitting.

    More info here:


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