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C-Section and natural birth thereafter?

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    Yuen Long

    thanks but your not quite answering my question - im asking would a public hospital allow me to have an elective c-section since my first was one (in provate hospital)

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    Why don't you ask them? I am sure it is a frequent question they are asked. Or call a midwife like Annerley who has seen so many cases that they would know.

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    there is another thread on a similar topic.. i dont remember the title now but u should be able to find it..
    from what I've heard, unless u have a very good medical reason, they seem to be a bit reluctant however ..
    otherwise the '" have a c-section always a c-section" is NOT TRUE at all.. depending the reasons why you had your first c-section .. but why don't u wnat to try a vaginal birth? I've known many mothers who were really delighted of a VBAC after a first C-section..

    anyway.. the best is to talk with your OB/doctor or whoever u might see..
    good luck

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