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Speech Delay?

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    lynn cheung is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2004
    Tsuen Wan

    Have fun signing! Even my husband & my mom have learned a few signs, and I can tell that they have fun, too.
    Another fun thing to do: every meal time I put on some children cd and then sing with the cd to my son. I make faces, clap hands, etc. Sometimes he follows my actions, sometimes he takes the inisiative to lead (clap hands, applause, etc). He enjoys it so much that every time we put him in his highchair, the first thing he'll do is to ask for music! We play the same cd for several days, because children learn by repetition.
    There are good articles abt learning from Parents magazine:

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    b_thompson is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2005

    3 and still not talking???

    Hi, I was reading these posts and had questions for myself. My son is 3 and he still doesn't talk either. I don't know what to do, he is a smart boy but just doesn't talk. I read to him and me and my husband try to get him to talk but he doesn't. He does try to pronounce some words but can't really say it clearly. Any advice???

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    emilyc is offline Registered User
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    May 2004
    happy valley, hong kong

    My son is 23 mth and he does not talk except for a few single words.

    I have done some reading myself and apparently

    (1) crawling and walking helps to develop the brain which eventually will lead to speech and all sorts of good things
    (2) speech therapist asks me to start with basic sounds, such as diphthongs and build on
    (3) heavy metal is a speech impairment so get the child checked out
    (4) of course, more interaction, such as reading etc

    I am trying to do the above.

    Also, I found that my son stares at other 2 yo when they talk. So I organise some kids to come to our place on regular playdates and hopefully my son will feel like talking.

    Hope this helps.



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    Discoverybay is offline Banned
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    Oct 2003
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    Hi Jools and moms,
    We just had him check with specialist in New England Child Medical Center in Boston while we were home this summer....I had a tough time and still struggling to help my son when he ddiagnosed as a PDD-NOS....and the 3 doctors from all different specialist were at the rooms at same time to monitor my son with us in Boston had told us, no matter what kind of diagnosed for the children's between speech delay, or any developmental delay, the therapies are all same. It called ABA therapy. Floor time...
    I bought the DVD for enhance to get him engage with his speech and others, It called. Bumble Bees vocabulary builder. and its great!! Normally the DVDs or cartoon are one way communication, But I found this one is different. I am watching with him every 30 min a day and a floor time.

    If you need more information or wants to sharing same type of experiences , please call me or email me directly. I bought the books over in Boston as recommended by the doctors and therapist, which needs to be educated my self in order to help my child. Therapist is the must, because the earlier to get him engage is the better for the child. I just want to help my son to get his life back!!

    My email is [email protected] and the number is 9092-8468

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    donosti is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006

    I will recommend to ignore most of the comment people say. I am living in the States and I am noving to Hong Kong this year and I am going thru the same hell right now with my 2 year old boy. He is not talking yet and daycare has sent me a social worker to my home because his speach delay may be caused by sme type of trauma or bad parenting... I am very dissapointed on how things work here in the State. Everything seems to be out of control! kids are psico analyze continuously. Can't they see that kids develop differently? I am from Spain and nobody ever seemed to have a problem with my son not talking. I cant wait to move to Hong Kong. Hopefully things will not work the same way there...
    Dont take me wrong, I love the US. It just seems a little too much!

    Hope to meet a lot of moms when I get there:formulafe

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    fayth is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Hey Moms,
    My son is 29m now;
    When Zee turned 18m; I began to panic a bit; since Zee was NOT compliant or responding to
    very very basic - touch your nose.. build 2/3 blocks.. or feed a doll.
    With this in mind; I was adamant and determined to encourage Zee to do all the basic milestones
    an 18m would do.
    From many advice given from friends and ELDERS, I learned that probably it was just something
    'normal' and that would 'gradually' pick up. So, the Hospital gave me a grace period till he turned 2yrs old;
    for a re-assessment.
    Meanwhile, like I had mentioned earlier, I took Zee to WOODLANDS in HAPPY VALLEY.
    There I noticed he was ALWAYS crying for those full 2 Hrs - 3 times a week - for months together.
    Even then the teachers thought Zee was just a baby - and again 'gradually' wean off from
    being whiny or cranky.
    I saw the only time he did stop crying was during song time and sometimes during Art time..
    And when we had free play outside in the playground.

    As a mother, of course I worried. Thinking I was not doing enough and was not doing anything about it.
    Speaking with my friends with kids of the same age group - I would silently cry worrying about Zee's development.
    Wondering why he as not doing the things other kids were doing.
    I guess, any first time mom would have that worry. Anyone would really, esp, after doing a lot of research.. through
    school, books and the net.
    Read on....

    Then came our trip to Canada in May. There our family friend's youngest child is Autistic.
    We learnt it was not easy looking after a child with special needs. We felt, fortunate to experience
    life with a child with a disability. And it has made us grow closer.
    There was a little boy who was 6m younger than Zee. And Saif (his name) was talking away.
    He was able to communicate for his needs. And recognise everyone in the room by name.
    He is indeed a very playful and bubbly little boy. And very intelligent.
    Staying with a big family, aunty and uncle (our friends) were noticing certain Autistic traits in Zee.
    Simple things like, self spinning, NOT SPEAKING, no social interaction, tippy toeing., NO EYE CONTACT, so on.
    (Till date Zee has not said 'ma ma 'or other words his age should be able to speak.)
    For me as a mom who is very sensitive to things like this; upset me.. and was crying for days - and a sudden sense
    of fear got me very nervous.
    We took their advice to book an appointment with a Children's Centre to get Zee assessed.

    End of Aug 2007, Zach was diagnosed with Autism.
    He is still considered a mild case, although his journey to recovery is a long one.
    It was a little hard to hear for both of us, but we know Zee will
    come through eventually by God's leave.
    They see lots of positives in Zee but they said that speech starts
    with social interaction like pointing and communicating non-
    . They also tested his visual sense and he passed those without any
    It is still heartbreaking to write this e-mail.
    I think that day, our hopes and dreams for Zee disappeared. In the beginning, I was still
    struggling to not cry all the time. I have accepted the fact that Zee has special needs.
    But it slowly made sense for his behaviour, his development...
    And now understand Zee more.
    With GOD's grace, at a B'day party after his diagnosis, I met a a lady whose son is a little older with
    similar issues as Zee.
    She mentioned abt a Conference for parents with Autistic Children.
    Adam went for it; and video taped all 3 days.
    It was very informative and introduced us into a new lifestyle.

    For his early intervention, we started Zee on ABA - Applied Behavioural Analysis.
    With a Senior Therapist being his program manager, 2 other therapists came home.
    mon - fri ; 15hrs a week.

    We see a great difference in Zee. And have seen a rise in his progress since his therapy.
    He loves those 2 ladies; that he'd wait by the door for them even on the weekends; thinking
    they'd come by...
    It has been extremely intensive in his training

    We have joined the ARN - Autism Recovery Network

    You could get your son assessed if you still have doubts;
    it could help him... and help you as a family.

    With GOD's grace; Zee is slowly coming around;
    but of course there are good days; and those bad bad days...

    All the best !!



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