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Choosing a Kindergarten

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    stephchoy is offline Registered User
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    lynn, i think you have a few more months before really having to worry. i'm just taking one step at a time, getting over the kindergarten hurdle first. what i'm still tryng to get to grips with is understanding how to choose the right school. i guess based on other parent's experiences. but most of the facilities are the same, outdoor playground, computer room. apart from learning habitat, none of the schools i visited went into too much detail about the curriculum with parents. i have been warned that you need to be careful of kindergartens that are too 'commercial'.

    Helen, thanks for the suggestion of Victoria. I'll check it out. Actually learning habitat, this kindergarten that just opened in Olympic works on the bilingual basis, one english teacher and one chinese teacher. do you think your son is profficient enough in chinese for his age with this sort of education?? I wonder if it gets diluted with this system and whether he's worth it going to a more local school to really pick up some cantonese. because at home as well, we have a heavier emphasis on english since my hubby is british. What do you think??

    scr, in terms of interview, my feeling so far after only one with funful international is that it's probably not as competitive for kindergarten spaces these days. they asked my child one question and the next thing was asking us to give them a deposit. i guess just put off by the idea of schools being 'selective' at this stage, and also having to pay a $30 application for each school!!

    anyway, lynn, i'll keep you updated about what i find out from my 'hunt'!

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    elainekitning is offline Registered User
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    hi everyone, i have also started to look for a good kindergarten already even though my son is 10 months old because i don't like to make rushed decisions and want to know my options.

    anyhow, anyone know someone who has their child in the montessori school on kane road central???? is there any other good kindergarten around that area?? i am hoping i can take my son to and from school, if possible, and i work in central!?

    lynn, where do u live in tsuen wan??? i live in summit terrace? your child is one year old?? :)

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    lynn cheung is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2004
    Tsuen Wan

    Hi, Elaine! My son now is 16 months old, and I live in Discovery Park but we're moving to Luk Yeung Sun Chuen in May. Would you like to get together some day?

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    HKfornow is offline Registered User
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    I can't believe how much pressure I've felt since we moved to HK late last year to try to find the "right" school for my son, I have exactly the same thoughts of Stephchoy . . . how will kindergarten affect the child's future! So I am thrilled to see other moms fretting about this topic.

    We are also unsure how the school is run here, some schools mention debentures, how does that work? Are these one time fees, annual fees, refundable or never to be seen again. . . I also assume these are on top of whatever the enrollment & school fees are.

    I would like my son to attend an English/Chinese (putonghua) school & as we live in the Pok Fu Lam area, we would like to limit our choices to schools around this area. The closest one I've seen so far has been Victoria (Belchers).

    Any suggestions/comments/ideas extremely welcome. Thanks.

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    a_chan is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong Island

    My baby girl is only 3M old, but my friends already urge me to plan for her education path!!!!! It's not uncommon in HK that the parents will put their children into playgroups, but the purpose is for a certificate, as it will add credits in the child's portfolio!!!!!!!!

    I have studied at Victoria, say many many years ago. At my times, they only have 1 school in Causeway Bay. And we have "foreigner" teachers to teach English. I remember I have happy times, and go to school by big school bus.


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    Esseniti is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2004
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    Hi everyone,
    I would like to asking the idea about looking the school for my boy, he is 22 months.
    My husband and me both are chinese, but we're Canadian back from State since 2002.
    Suppose my boy he can get in local school or INTL school, but I want my boy who have happy life when he is little, I don't like he goet stress from the local school.
    I'm interesting KBCK, but they would like to accept the child who donno speak chinese, I donno can I apply this school for my boy. Actually I got the plan we will move back to Toronto or State later few year, that's why I want put him in this school. May I ask any one knows more about this school or any parents who have child stuudy in there? Thanks alot!!

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    New Daddy is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2005
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    I have heard many parents talking about a new international kindergarten at Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pokfulam called Rightmind Kindergarten. None of the pushiness of local scool but still has a well arranged language curriculum.

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    fungyuenyan is offline Registered User
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    Choosing a Kindergarten

    Quote Originally Posted by ggrizzy View Post
    i heard that the ymca kindergarten in tst is not that bad! however the school fees are a bit pricey for me so i chose to let my son attend the sunnyside kindergarten on jordan rd/nathan rd. it's 2100/month but eng only kindergarten

    some other parents also told me that the baptist kindergarten in kowloon tong is good so you may want to call them and find out...
    Hi ggrizzy. You mentioned your son studied in Sunnyside Kindergarten. Can you tell me more about the school, teaching method, atmosphere, and application? I have asked this in the forum, but it seems nobody knows.

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