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C-section question

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    im sure there were, im just not one of um!

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    For those moms who had C-sections before, how soon were you able to breastfeed your babies after the operation? Do babies need to eat right away, formula or breast milk, right after they are born? Before you were able to feed them yourself, the nurses fed them formula or something? Excuse me for being so ignorant...

    - first-time mom-to-be

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    Getting breastfeeding off to a good start follows the same principles whether a mother gives birth vaginally or by caesarean. In either case, breastfeeding will be easier if you take the time to educate yourself now.

    I recommend that you contact La Leche League in Hong Kong. They have regular meetings and also offer a two-hour class where one of their leaders will come to your home and give a presentation based around a power point presentation. You will be able to ask as many questions as you have. It is real value for money at only $500 including the LLLI book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

    Call SARAH 2548-7636, MAGGIE 2817-7475, [email protected]

    Best wishes,

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    Dear Tammie,

    It is definitely possible to exclusively breastfeed (i.e. nothing but breast milk) when having a caesarean birth. Although you will probably find it harder to move about than with a virginal birth, let everyone know that you want to breastfed and ask the nurses for lots of help.

    If you write to me and send your contact details I will send you an LLLI pamphlet, Breastfeeding after a Cesarean Birth.
    E-mail address: [email protected]

    There are concerns which are especially important to mothers who are having a caesarean:

    Consider the hospital policies on breastfeeding.
    (These policies will have a greater effect on you.)

    Ask your doctor how much time you and the baby will be allowed to spend together.
    (Hours of rooming-in can vary. Breastfeeding goes more easily when mothers and babies can nurse unrestrictedly. Some nurses may suggest or insist on taking the baby to the nursery but 24 hour rooming-in has many advantages. Often the baby is born sleepy and when you and baby are together you’ll be more aware of the baby’s sleep cycles and be able to take advantage of the times baby is most alert to nurse him.)

    Avoid artificial nipples which can cause nipple confusion.

    The type of anaesthetic that is used during the operation can directly affect the mother’s opportunity to initiate breastfeeding.
    (Nursing as soon as possible after delivery offers benefits, it brings you both emotionally closer, it releases hormones to contact the uterus more quickly and it stimulates your breasts to increase your milk sooner.)

    Some hospitals require that a baby born by c-section spend the first 24 hours after birth in the nursery for observation.
    (This policy can often be waived with written orders from the baby’s doctor, assuming the baby has no health problems.)

    Many caesarean mothers are concerned that the medications they may need to take will affect their babies.
    (Medications used for pain relief are usually not a problem, and neither are antibiotics which may also be prescribed.)

    You may also find the LLLI web page, Is it possible to breastfeed after a cesarean birth?, of interest.,

    Best wishes,
    LLL Leader of the Hong Kong Central Group

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