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when to start looking for a school?

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    when to start looking for a school?

    my son's 3. he's in a preschool. can you all please walk me through the process of getting him into a regular school (primary)? at what age should i start looking--now? do all schools require interviews? is getting into the school of your choice hard? any assistance appreciated because i am a bit lost and having just found a preschool, find the prospect of finding a primary school daunting--and premature, but maybe i'm wrong.

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    Your concept is totally wrong. You will not find a good just by "looking for" a school. You should rather identify the school that you want your child to get into and prepare him for that school. Sounds ridiculous but this is HK, unless you choose some international schools, where the school bond will get you in.

    Where do you live? What are your values? What are your preferences??

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