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OAE Test (hearing test)

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    OAE Test (hearing test)

    My baby girl (2 mth old) failed in the OAE test (hearing test for infant) today. But she passed the test when she was born. And when I search more information on the Net, failure of OAE test means further testing is required but not suggesting deaf or hearing impairment.

    Anyone heard about it?

    I've done the OAE test in govt. health clinic. But seems not providing enough explanation for me, and suggesting to bring baby for test again next month.


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    When D was born the Adventist offered free OAE testing. I must say I wasn't very impressed with the way that the test was conducted. D was wide awake and hungry, I was asked to nurse him, plus there was so much noise outside the room, and upstairs we heard a women running in high heels. Not sure if these factors would influence the results but anyway D failed. I never did a follow-up test cos we doubted the accuracy and my pediatrician told us not to worry about it. At the Well Baby Clinic we did the regular hearing tests with toys etc when he was older (I think 3 and 6 mths) and he did fine.

    I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

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    The tests at the MCH clinics are screening tests. So they test every baby and if they fail the test just a little they will ask you to go for an extra test at a latter date. If there is obviously a problem or the baby fails the test at a later date as well they will send the baby to see a specialist.

    I had a friend whose baby failed the hearing test and was sent to see a specialist straight away. It turned out that the baby was deaf. This could have been a shock for the mother but my friend told me it wasn’t because she had expected the baby had a hearing problem from the way the baby didn’t react to any sounds, like doors banging, etc.

    One of my sons failed one part of the socialization test twice and was asked to go for an extra test when he was 18 months. He actually has no problems they were just being cautious.

    It is more important that they don’t miss any babies with problems than to worry mothers about a possible problem when none exists. But of course when you are that mother it can be very worrying.

    There is more information about the tests at
    Click on Family Services and then click on Scope of Services

    Best wishes,

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