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Shopping in HK

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    Shopping in HK

    Hey everyone! I hope you can help me. I have been in DB for 3 weeks now, and my husband and I are shopping alot and trying to find things to get settled into our new home.

    We've been to Central and Causeway Bay. I am finding the shopping quite dreadful really. The shops are all so small and I am finding the selection is not so good.

    I am looking for bed/bedding for my toddler, clothing for my kids etc. As well as other household things, curtains, candles, picture frames etc. We've been to Ikea a number of times and although I have found many beds for toddlers the ones I have chosen are all out of stock.

    Can anyone suggest a place that carries alot of different things, clothing, household items, toys, shoes etc in one store, or in a small area?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    harbour city mall, the place the star ferry drops you off at basically in kowloon, has the following which might be of use to you:
    GOD (goods of desire) store which is massive and full of contemporary home items, not sure if you want contemporary though
    basement full of childrens clothing/shoe shops, (plus a toys r us and kids play area)
    lane crawford dept store, though it is pretty upmarket

    for kids clothes, bedding and household stuff you can also try sogo dept store, there's one in causeway bay very near ikea. its such a massive store really you can find just about anything in it i think.

    curtains? for readymade, i think ikea is the best solution i found (and they didn't work). to get them made, go either to the shops along queens road east or shenzen.

    don't worry, it's not all about PRADA and ARMANI as a trip to Central might have you think!

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    Wing On in Sheung Wan usually has a good selection of household items. They also have a children's section but you'll find the best variety in Stanley.

    For household you can also try Horizon Plaza. There are a number of good household stores. For kids bedding try Indigo.

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    Horizon Plaza is a good place to shop for furniture and baby stuff. Though be prepared for half a day's Gym as we went there ending up climbing the 10 floors ourselves to save time!

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    Hi Mellie!

    When we tried to settle down here, I found it a little less nerve-wrecking going very slowly, as in buying one when seeing one instead of looking for it. I know your situation is different, and that probably doesn't work out very well...

    Here in D.B., a lot of us have our curtains made in Peng Chau. It's just a 10-minute (or less) ferry ride away, and the guys there are very helpful. (I think there're just a couple of shops there, and they advertise in InsideDB magazine.) They will come to your place to measure and estimate the cost, and the price is very competitive. Also on Peng Chau, there's this curios store selling neat stuff mainly from Thailand. A lot of picture frames and decorating items that you might like.

    If you don't mind some second-hand furniture, look up I found some good deals there. Plus we'll have a Flea Market in the Plaza starting at noon this coming Sunday. Try to be there just before noon, and you might find something you can use.

    Good luck, Mellie.

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