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Info About Maternity Insurance

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    Info About Maternity Insurance

    I know that I defintiely can't afford/don't want to pay the fees for private hospitals, but from what I've been reading about maternity insurance, it sounds like an expectant mom can have her baby at a private hospital and have all the costs covered by her maternity insurance plan. Is this correct? How much does this insurance cost and can I cancel it after the baby is born? I understand the specifics will vary, but what are some general figures & plans? I'm not yet pregnant so I'll fulfill the 12 months waiting period, no problem there. Any advice?

    Also, while I'm on the subject, I'm also interested in your thoughts on the quality of service & health care between private & public maternity wards (quality of doctors & midwives, safety, hygiene, comparing routine & emergency delveries, equipment and faciltites, postnatal care). Is private much better, making it worth the extra money?

    Thanks for ANY advice. I'm just starting my research and am feeling very overwhelmed by all the decisions I have to make...

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    most of the insurance plans i've seen here don't seem to cover all the costs of pregnancy, maybe half. there is one, a danish company, that has a very large payout and with this you can actually deliver at matilda (v. expensive) and have all costs paid. if you have 12 months to play with and really want to go private, then look inot this pronto. you can google "danish insurance company", i don't remember their name at the moment. another point on the insurance is that you have to look very closely at how long you must wait before you can conceive and how long before they pay--it's very tricky we found.

    what i have learned thus far about private vs public is this. there are several very good, popular ob/gyn's in private practice. i went to one for just a 15 minute consult and it cost $1000!!!!! given such charges, standard insurance packages will not do--they're mostly capped too low. i'm sure you've seen the threads with detailed info regarding public hospital maternity charges--very reasonable. and all accounts are glowing. also, if you should have a preemie, you'll have to go to the public hospital as only they are prepared for preemies. queen mary has a great, well regarded team of doctors who are also professors, something i value because i am a high risk case.

    best bet is to contact the major companies, they can all email you answers to your questions. alternatively, contact the insurance broker listed here who can look at all the details for you.

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    The Danish company is IHI

    More info on insurance here:

    Health Insurance?

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    i looked into several international plans which will provide some coverage for you. BUPA Intl and AXA Intl both provide 4000stg cover for you after you have been with them for 10 months before making a claim on maternity.

    I went with AXA intl. I went with the Area 1 (worldwide plan) which excludes usa/canada but does have, 20,0000 stg cover for when I do travel home should I require medical attention. the Prestige plan (which is the one that has 4000 cover= around 59,000hkd) cost 1383.89 stg/year (which is just under 21,000hkd). this already includes 20% discount which the offered at the time. Along with maternity coverage, they also have benefits like an annual checkup, some dentist coverage.

    you can get more info by emailing [email protected]

    hope that helps. they do have several plans, we opted for the prestige one.

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    Hi there Marisa,

    I use IHI and they are very good with payments. I got pregnant before my 12 months were up and they didn't cover my pregnancy related charges then. However once I was past the 12 months date they started covering ALL my costs. I had a baby at Matilda, in a private room and it was 100% covered. They will not cover an elective c-section and pay up to the amount of a natural delivery. For medical reasons I had to have a c-section and set a date. This was fine with them since it was medically necessary and they paid up 100%. My son is also covered under my insurance policy until the age of 12 (or 14 years - cant remember). They also cover the costs of his vaccinations. They have different plans so check that before you sign-up.

    What IHI will not cover is home visits from a health visitor etc once the baby is born.

    Good luck on chosing the right insurance company and with your pregnancy : )


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    Hi, I spent ages trawling through medical insurer's web sties then I contacted a broker and they did it all for me. I stumbled upon and used a UK company called and they werefantastic, presenting me a one page cost comparison of all the best maternity plans for my age along with all the brochures. Alternatively, if you want a HK based broker then a friend is very exstatic (?sp) about Kwiksure. :-)

    P.S. I went with the more expensive BUPA Intl as I was already with BUPA HK and wanted to keep my cover for pre-existing conditions. This pays 4,000 per membership year so if I give birth a few months after the end of the membership year I will get 8000 for a normal delivery but if I need any emergency procedure ranging from a ventuse (?sp) to an emergency ceaserian and more they will pay everything. A friend had an emergency cesarian at the Matilda and the only thing they didn't pay for was the meals her husband had while there! They also paid for Hulda the midwife to visit her postpartum. After all that, they didn't even put her premiums up!

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    maternity insurance

    I have got the information of the maternity insurance from my broker, however, she doesn't has the information of IHI, do anyone can tell me what's the max. can claim back for maternity from IHI. Beyond those insurance company, I found our Allianz is the most suitable for me, I can cliam back HKD78000, and the premium is less that HKD10000 per annual, Is this good enough to cover the first class room with c-session in Canossa Hospital (with O&G dr's fee)?

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