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Breath holding

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    Breath holding

    Hi there,

    does anyone have any experience with tantrums with breath holding? My son is 8 months old and since a few weeks he passes out any time he's very angry or upset. After having cried for a bit, which sometimes starts when nothing really seems wrong, (although it seems to happen more often when he's either tired or on his own for a minute or so) he goes completely quiet and has stopped breathing. Sometimes this happens even twice a day. He is a very happy but intense child, with very high highs and deep lows, I guess.
    It takes just a few seconds to get him back, and although I have read it happens to 1 in 5 children, I would just like to know more and to be able to understand.

    Thanks, Cornelia

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    Hi Cornelia,
    Although I don't have direct experience, a friend of mine has and she saw a doc about it. I have asked her a few questions for you, she said that the passing out is actually a protective action of the body which enables your son to continue breathing normally. (ie, its because of this response that he is not hurt in any way). My friend was told that her child would grow out of it (and he has), and it is merely another type of temper tantrum, and should be dealt with as you would for that. Ofcourse, if you are still worried, she said you should see a doc, more for your own nerves, then for your child.
    Hope this helps,

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