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are HK IDs issued to infants?

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    This is all very interesting. We recently adopted a baby from Hong Kong and I asked the social welfare department to get him a SAR passport. A while ago I spoke to an American lady who told me her adopted child has a SAR passport but in the passport the child only has an English name because they got rid of the Chinese name thinking it wasn't important however, now because he doesn't have a Chinese name he needs to apply for a China visa every time he enters PRC. So I am going to make sure my son's chinese name be included in his passport. Is there anything else I need to make sure of? I want my son to take full advantage of his SAR passport without restrictions.

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    Is asking for the nationality when you apply for the birth certificate a new thing?

    I wasn’t asked for any of my children (the youngest is now 4 years old).
    Also my third child was born in England and he has a SAR passport, HK permanent ID card and a China Reentry Permit – so place of birth isn’t important so long as you qualify as an established HK citizen for a permanent ID card and a Chinese citizen for an SAR passport and a China Reentry Permit. He does, however, have a Chinese name – but it is only written in English on his birth certificate because they won’t do Chinese characters in England.

    I don’t know how it is now that the China Reentry Permit is a pastic card but in the days when it was a paper booklet a child had to travel with an adult who also had a China Reentry Permit. So I had to get a visa for their English passport for the children to travel with me to China, even though they had the documents, if my husband wasn’t with me.


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    Question Hkid

    I just wonder whether it is possible to apply for the HKID for my child who is 4 years old. Actually. we don't really need the HKSAR paaport, I just think it is a but waste if we apply for the HKSAR and not going to use it.

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