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Playing flash cards???

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    Dear Carang and C

    your way to teach your baby to talk or to grasp one or more launguages is absolutely right. But i think the issue is whether you want your baby to have the ability to read at early childhood. I think because many parents don't think it's proper to teach babies to read too early, they refuse to put effort on training babies to read. We ourselves can do very well now even though we did not learn to read when we were babies. However, if scientists or the childern experts have found a way that many parents and babies have tried and gained satisfactory results, and a way just as same as a game, and a way that can bring joy to both the kid and the parent, why not try it? But the most important thing is when you introduce any learning tool to a baby, you need try every way to ensure your baby is happy to do it and has fun in doing it. When we play games with babies, we always say play and learn. when we play word cards with a baby, she also plays and learns.

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    They are happy with flash cards

    My girl love flash cards very much. Of course she's still with other reading materials. With the flash cards, she can fish out the cards and play happily. She know all the alphabets and can count up to 20 when she was 15months.

    I play flash cards with her when I was tired or breast feeding another baby. All you need is only to stay in bed or sofa and say "Mommy wants the letter C". She was very excited when she pick the right one.

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    Read Glenn Doman's book on "How to teach your child to read" and then get second opinion from parents here. I think that this will do you alot of good.

    My understanding is that 80% of parents either do not use flashcard properly or do not understand the theory behind it. Flashcards are very good for children aged from 0-3 and its effectiveness diminishes thereafter. Also, the child's daily environment, your attitude makes a world of difference to the effects of flashcards.

    Flashcards is a great start. :cheerlead

    New Daddy

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    emilyc is offline Registered User
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    Those who are interested in flashcards and the Doman method may wish to log in to for a look and we have a small HK parent group too, and you can pm me if you would like to join us.

    Agree with New Daddy that flash cards is a great way for babies to learn between 0 - 3. And I assure you, it is part of play for the babies.



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    I am trying to find flash card for 4-12 month old baby, can you tell me where i can buy them?

    If I speak three languages to my baby would it confuse him? I find it hard to stick to one language myself because there are some things which are easier said in one language then another.

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    flash cards

    hi Mommy Poon, how i teach my 5mth daughter:

    I speak pure Cantonese with her during our day to day conversation, but all English during play time. And i ask my husband to do the same as well. And for my nanny, she speaks all Tagalog with her an sometimes read her English story books.

    as for flashcards, i'm now showing my daughter English, math dot cards and Chinese. I print the flashcards by myself and I help some mothers to do so as well.

    should you be interested in the flashcards, pls pm me, tks!


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