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Baby Blowing Raspberries when Eating

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    Baby Blowing Raspberries when Eating

    Our 9 month old boy has never been a big eater of solid foods, but at least he can now finish one of those small jars of baby food in a single sitting (although it is sometimes a struggle).

    However, today during both his morning meal of congee and afternoon meal of cereal with banana, which he usually likes (or at least tolerates), he started blowing raspberries non-stop and blowing out all his food all over the place. So basically, he hasn't had any solids today, apart from some bread I fed him this morning.

    I'm not too worried, as the raspberry blowing is probably just a phase he is going through, but my wife is a bit panicked about him not having any solids today. Luckily he's OK with his milk and usually still drinks between 35-40oz of milk a day including night feeds.

    Is this raspbery blowing and not taking any solid food normal, or is it something to be concerned about? And what if any is the best way to counter it? My wife gave the baby a bit of a verbal scolding, but it didn't seem to do the trick. He's an extremely playful and active baby, but also quite naughty and only listens when he wants to (a bit like our cats really).


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    My baby is now 10 months old. He was also blowing all his food out when he was 9 months old. It seems to excite him. I didn't laugh and had a stern look but still he enjoyed blowing and seeing the food splattered all over the place, his face and even up his nostrils, which he'll sneeze or cough sometimes.

    I usually distract him with one of his DVDs while feeding him. I heard that babies can only concentrate on a few things at a time. So if he's watching his favourite programme, and paying attention to it, he can't blow his food.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Graham,

    When my girls started blowing raspberries into their food, I offered them water in a small open plastic cup with handles. They loved the 'blowing bubble underwater' & always seemed ticked pink with the noises from it. They skipped the sippy cup stage & learned drinking straight from the cup this way. They're 14mths now & are able to lift the cup & drink from it but still need help putting it down without upending. Food smeared faces, spillage & food scattered floors were inevitable since they grew more independent & assertive. I invest in those 'pelican' bibs & a few large jigsaw type foam mat for easy cleaning after mealtime. I guess blowing bubbles is fun cos they still do it!

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