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Motheriong Styles Workshop

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    Motheriong Styles Workshop

    Does anyone know anything about the Mothering Styles Workshop?
    And how often they are run?
    It is advertised in the Geobaby resources but their web site doesn’t seem to work.

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    The workshop is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The theory of this indicator helps you to understand yourself better. It explains how you like to look at things and how you like to go about deciding things. And as you begin to understand this about yourself you begin to understand it about others too.

    Learning about type has helped me in just about all my relationships, especially within the family. Now before jumping to a negative conclusion, I ask, “This is how I’m interpreting your behavior. What am I missing?” And when my approach collides with someone else’s, I no longer argue about who’s right, but say “O.K. How can we work it out for next time?”

    If you’d like more information please call me on either 2548-8202 or 2548-7636 or write to [email protected]. I’m sorry that the web site link doesn’t work but I don’t actually have a web site.

    I organize the workshops whenever anyone shows an interest rather than at a regular time. The next one is planned for Wednesday 6th April from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm in my home in Mid-levels.

    Best wishes,

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