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Please help me - I will be moving to HK and need an OB!

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    Hi PreggerC,

    I guess my situation is similar to yours. I am originally from HK and my husband is a Kiwi. I just moved back to HK as we have decided to have our first baby born here. So far, I found out that there are a lot of differences between the OB in HK and in New Zealand. I really want to have a natural vaginal birth if I can and not having an episiotomy done. However the two OBs I have seen both telling me that episiotomy is a must for all Asian first time mum! When we tried to discuss our birth plan with them, they insist that we should trust them instead of letting us to have more control about the birth of our baby. Besides, I'm told by friends that many of the local OBs prefer doing c-section than encouraging women to give birth naturally. We're now struggling on whether we should look for another OB or not and the possibility of giving birth in a public hospital.

    If you found any useful info, I'd appreciate you share with us and we will do the same. Hopefully, we both can have a safe and good birthing experience in HK.


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    I came to HK last August and I was 7 months pregnant. My doctor is Dr Stephanie Chow 25235729. She is very good and open-minded. I am very happy with her. I delivered my baby at the Adventist hospital 25746211 which I am also very happy with. My husband was allowed in the labour room. He also stayed in the hospital with me to look after me (we don't have any family here in HK) I used a Hong Konger part time helper to cook all the traditional Chinese food for me for the first month after the delivery. Dr Chow recommended a company that provides traditional confinement food to be delivered to your house. I didn't use it because my helper's cooking was good enough. Another service that you may need is a midwife, especially if you are a first time mother. I had Yvonne Heavyside ([email protected]) to come to my house for the first few months to make sure I am ok and that I am doing alright with my baby. Good luck!

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