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Helper vent!

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    ritalee is offline Registered User
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    hi guys my problem isn't related to tickets or anything but i kind of have a mystery that needs to be solved
    last week my helper who just came washed our clothes and the whole cycle got dyed into mixture of blue which we actually thought it was funny because it was a pretty good dye job. the next day i handed her some clothes and asked her to hand wash them and said that in the future i will separate the ones that need special care so she wont get a few days later it was sunday i couldn't find my t-shirt so i asked her the next day.. she said she left it on the sofa on sat. but it wasn't there so I asked her to find it ...couldn't find it ... all week she said she couldn't find it ... at first i thought maybe my 20 mth toddler put it in the trash can on sat. but the more i thought about it the more suspicious i got. i thought even though i was out on sat my husband was with her all day and if he wasn't he was in the study and my baby only likes to throw things there there was no way he or the helper didn't see it if it was there.. and the other thing was she won't go and look for it unless we ask her about it and everytime she really didn't show any effort and there were no explanations at all ...
    so i'm going nuts here first of all ... my shirt was new and a dior.. which doesn't even matter now ... all i want is some sort of explaination whether she washed it and its ruined and shes scared to tell me or whatever ... we've looked all over the house for a week if its hiden its got to be found already
    my husband said we can't accuse her of anything if we have no evidence which i agree but i just really want an explanation

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    intrigue is offline Registered User
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    perhaps you can sit her down and say something like ... as you have noticed I've been looking high and low for my shirt to no avail and I'm wondering ...and I won't be cross if it happened... if it was ruined in the wash and you were too afraid to tell me. I would like to be open and honest in this household and I think thats best for everyone. I have thought of other possible reasons as to where the shirt could be but have ruled them out and can only think something has happened to it and you were too afraid to say so. I need you to feel comfortable in telling me things that are bad and I would like to lay this to rest as I've been getting frustated not being able to find the shirt. I appreciate that accidents happen but if an accident did happen I need you to feel comfortable in telling me about them... even if for the past week you have denied all knowledge of its whereabouts.

    you can say the above if you've never lost your rag with her!

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